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The Urban Legend of 18% Grey

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Ever since I picked up my first camera I’ve been on a pursuit to create visually compelling imagery. A big part of my education has come from taking classes and reading books written by those who have come before me. One of the early lessons I learned was about the importance of 18% grey, and how that value fit the Zone System in obtaining proper exposure. But what if what I was taught wasn’t quite as solid as I was led to believe? Read on to find out why I now think 18% grey is an urban legend, and how that impacts us in todays digital age …

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HMI Flicker With The Alexa & Epic

I’ve been shooting a lot of high speed content with the Alexa and the Epic lately and I have uncovered some unexpected results when shooting with both cameras. Watch the 2 minute video, and then read on to learn more about what is going on.my testing of the Epic with magnetic ballast HMI’s my results [...]

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Leica R Primes

The radio crackled loudly over the intercom. Above the din of rattling metal and rock, the co-driver bellows his instructions as his driver wrestles feverishly with the 1200kg fire-breathing beast that is their rally car. The exhaust pops as the driver downshifts to negotiate an off-camber bend and the co-driver barks, “100 K right 4, [...]

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