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Awarded best gimbal AND best pro-video equipment (out of 1,700 products) at NAB. It's simply the best professional camera stabilizer. Here's why:

  • Original Design: Designed from the ground up specifically for cinematography, not after thought like the rest of the gimbals on the market which put a handle onto the copter gimbal system.
  • Optically-centered: To minimize sensor movement avoid robotic look in footage found with other gimbals.
  • Eye-level Filming: Your hands is at the lens level, not a foot higher like other gimbals. This make shooting a lot fatigue. 
  • Quick Balancing: It's a lot easier to balance each axis individually than making all 3 axis balance at the same time. Lens change is easier with simple adjustment of a single axis due to optical center design.
  • Flat-bottom Design: You can put the gimbal down between shots without needing a stand.
  • Intuitive Tilt Handle: The right handle of the gimbal acts as a joystick for tilting the camera up and down. This is the best loved feature.
  • Seamless Suitcase Mode Transition: Going from eye-level to low mode seamlessly by just letting go of the left handle.
  • Absolute Encoders: Prevent motors from losing their position during a bump. Improve stabilization precision. Adjust Dutch angle within a second by holding at the desired angle.
  • Custom Firmware
  • Made In USA


  • 3-axis stabilization with encoded motors
  • WiFi and Bluetooth installed
  • RC 2nd Operator Mode (optional)
  • Payload up to 8lbs (up to 12lbs if the the setup is less than 8" long)
  • Weight:
    • Aluminum: 5.25lb without battery  / 5.75lb with battery
    • Magnesium: 4.25lb without battery  / 4.75lb with battery
  • Dimension: 16" (40 cm) span handle to handle
  • 2,600mAh 14.8V Lithimum-ion battery and charger included (0.5lb)
  • Compatible with: 
    • Mirrorless cameras
    • DSLR cameras
    • Mid-size cine cameras (setup must be compact)


Helix Jr. is wired according to US standards where red pin is Positive (+). Any 3rd-party power accessories must be compatible.
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Complex device, more support needed

Ryan on 24th Oct 2023

I feel like I'm a fairly smart person, as are the 4-5 video professionals I asked for help with this gimbal, but none of us could figure out how to make it work with a Canon C-100 (or any one of the DSLRs we have here). The video and written tutorials I managed to find, along with the other reviews on this site, only served to make me feel more stupid. What am I missing? Why doesn't Letus respond to my message for help? Why did I buy this instead of a more user-friendly gimbal? All questions I don't expect to be answered anytime soon.

The only gear I'm loyal to

Enrique Blein on 18th Nov 2022

I hate the excessive robotic feel of other gimbals. It's too structured and rigid. What I love about the Helix is the organic feel it has, it's perfectly stabilized, yes, but the fact that the finger moves the handle for tilting and the sway of your body guides the horizontal framing makes it a unique experience that translates to the way you shoot. People are missing out on the greatest gimbal, just because of hype or laziness to explore other options, and this is THE best option I've found.

this is awesome!

Mehdi on 10th Mar 2018

Lets say that the gimbal is average (its absolutely not). The customer support is amazing. They really care and they want you to get the most of the product. Ordered the Jr friday evening local time and got it monday lunch time. And I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I love Letus. Everybody should use a letus stabilizer.

Read the Reviews then Buy it!

Keiger Bowman on 17th Aug 2016

I've had the Helix Jr for over two months and more and more I think it is AWESOME! There is a learning curve as well as developing shooter muscles due to weight. Well worth it. I want to use an onboard monitor because my 1DXmkII is tight up against the gimbal... but adds more weight. The Jr can handle it, I not so well. My friend shoots for HI-50, and major productions here in Hawaii and just today asked if he can borrow it. ;) They are super great at getting the items shipped and enjoyable customer service. I'm looking to get a Ready Rig, which Letus suggested, and then I'll need some things to mod the Jr.

Its in the follow through

mike on 18th Feb 2016

The initial thoughts I have for the helix Jr has been that is has great functionality and ease of use. I really love the ability to move the camera precisely with the right hand and keep my sight line even with the helix setup. Great for framing and less fatigue than other systems I've tried. Only hiccups I've had are in relation to initial setup but once I setup the gimbal specifically for my kit the helix jr follows and operated like butter. I think this is a great no nonsense setup that can pack down into a backpack or small pelican case. Easy on the back and easy on the wallet! I will be purchasing the bigger battery pack to increase runtime in the field. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to get into a professional 3 axis gimbal system.

Tiny foot print

Tomas on 19th Jan 2016

I have been a working , professional still photographer for 25 years. I am new to motion. I have dabbled in motion many times in filming the active lifestyle subjects that I'm accustom to in my still work but I'm often bogged down buy the constant tripod work that is necessary for professional, quality motion. I realize that real motion production will always involve good blocking but My Helix Jr. has really opened up my motivation to shoot! It's so steady and smooth that I can just grab it, point it and yell action! I'm a work on the run type of shooter and this little machine is easy to move through crowds with and light enough to use all day. The initial set-up and balancing is intuitive and easy. I'm using it with a 5DIII, it steadies every thing I throw at it very well! Thanks Letus35 GT you're a gem. thanks for all of your great customer service.

Works great with FS5

Dan Peters on 8th Dec 2015

I have experience with the Movi M5, dJI Ronin, Nebula 400 and Stedicam Merlin. The Movi was my favorite for it's lightness and smooth performance, until I tried the Helix Jr. First off, the customer service at Letus is over-the-top. After receiving the Helix Jr I had some confusion over initial setup but Letus walked me through the problems over Skype promptly(Thanks GT!). They seem like nice folks that love what they do and care about making a great product. The Jr. handles the FS5 great. Due to it's long body the full-sized Helix mounting plate is required. I would also recommend the full sized batteries for the counterweight as well as long runtime while powering the camera and a monitor. I have been leaving the FS5's top handle attached for internal mic scratch audio, and it also makes handling the setup easier. The heaviest lens I have tried is the Canon 35mm f/2 IS on a Metabones Speedboster. It works great. Unlike the Movi, other gimbals I have used, the Jr. requires it's operator to invest some time learning the software and technical side. For me it is well worth it and I feel like a much better operator now understanding how to tune and create profiles for top performance. I think of it like learning to drive stick vs automatic. With smaller cameras it would be easier and the default profiles would work. The Good: No Stand! It is a joy being able to turn it on and off with the joystick at will. Powerful. It seems much stronger then the M5. I can swing smoothly from pointing straight at the ground to straight at the sky. Ergonomics. The Jr. feels much lighter then it's weight compared to other gimbals because I can hold it close to my chest ,or straight down at my side in briefcase mode. After a 4hr shoot I was nowhere near as sore as shoots in the past. Portability and setup speed. This is the first gimbal I would consider using for doc work. With a quick release plate attached, I can have my rig mounted in under a minute. The Bad: Steeper learning curve Letus' support website is currently a mess with several dated iterations that are easy to land on from google and end up with incorrect software. The joystick wire juts out backwards awkwardly and gets in the way. I solved this my adding bends and coiling to the cable with a hair dryer and 15mm rail. I would recommend the Helix to anyone willing to invest time learning its ways. The other shooters I have shown were impressed, and one is returning his Ronin M for a Jr.

Helix Jr happy to own

Nicholas Chilcott on 12th Nov 2015

I buyed the Letus Helix Jr after selling another gimbal that i found difficult to handle, first it was bigger and heavy on my arms and back. Second you could not lay it around but need a base to hang it on. The Helix Jr is simple to handle and you can place it where you want,the stabilization is fine and the assistance support is immediate, If you need a gimbal for run&gun i reccomand tht Helix Jr