The Letus JuiceBox Jr is a Lithium Ion battery purpose built to drive the Helix Jr and mounted accessories. The JuiceBox Jr has a hard plastic shell and a LED power level check on the back. It attaches to the back of the Helix Jr and plugs directly into the 2-pin Lemo style power port. Only one battery can be used at a time.

The JuiceBox Jr is compatible with charger that the full sized JuiceBox uses.


  • 2600 mAh
  • 14.8V
  • 7.7 oz (218 grams)
  • Lithium Ion
  • Built in protection circuit

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It's a battery.

Kyle Laughlin on 14th Mar 2017

It charges, it provides power and it charges again. Works just like a battery should. It would be nice to have a slightly longer battery life, but you can't have everything in life.