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Awarded best gimbal AND best pro-video equipment (out of 1,700 products) at NAB. It's simply the best professional camera stabilizer. Here's why:

  • Original Design: Designed from the ground up specifically for cinematography, not after thought like the rest of the gimbals on the market which put a handle onto the copter gimbal system.
  • Optically-centered: To minimize sensor movement avoid robotic look in footage found with other gimbals.
  • Eye-level Filming: Your hands is at the lens level, not a foot higher like other gimbals. This make shooting a lot fatigue. 
  • Quick Balancing: It's a lot easier to balance each axis individually than making all 3 axis balance at the same time. Lens change is easier with simple adjustment of a single axis due to optical center design.
  • Flat-bottom Design: You can put the gimbal down between shots without needing a stand.
  • Intuitive Tilt Handle: The right handle of the gimbal acts as a joystick for tilting the camera up and down. This is the best loved feature.
  • Versatile: can be broken down to 1 axis to use just the roll axis.
  • Seamless Suitcase Mode Transition: Going from eye-level to low mode seamlessly by just letting go of the left handle.
  • Absolute Encoders: Prevent motors from losing their position during a bump. Improve stabilization precision. Adjust Dutch angle within a second by holding at the desired angle.
  • Custom Firmware
  • Made In USA


  • 3-axis stabilization with encoded motors
  • WiFi and Bluetooth installed
  • RC 2nd Operator Mode (optional)
  • Payload up to 14lbs (up to 18lbs if the the setup is less than 12" long)
  • Weight: 5.25lb without battery  / 5.75lb with battery
  • Dimension: 16" (40 cm) span handle to handle
  • 5,200mAh 14.8V Lithimum-ion battery and charger included (0.5lb)
  • Compatible with: 
    • Mid-size cine cameras (setup must be compact)
    • REDs
    • Alexa Mini
    • Panasonic EVA
    • Canon C200, C300, C500


Helix Jr. is wired according to US standards where red pin is Positive (+). Any 3rd-party power accessories must be compatible.
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Best gimbal I owned

Alberto G on 2nd Feb 2016

I love the Helix. I think it is the smartest gimbal on the market. I owned and used few others. The Helix has no competition to me. The simple fact that you hold the camera at the same level (or higher) of your hands makes working with it so much more natural and less tiring compared to the upside down style of most of the others. Then you can put it down anywhere, rest, reassess, shoot again. It is the smartest solution around. It works great on any camera. I used it with minimal sony a7s setup, and I use it regularly with the RED. I love it.